Maintenance de logiciel

A maintenance contract for EXAMION ® software offers a lot of benefits. The biggest advantage is the software update and hotline service. In this way, you receive free updates and hotline support. An annual software maintenance fee is more economical and easier to manage. A software maintenance contract offers complete and continuous cost control plus always the latest developments state-of-the-art technology which allows you to deliver expert care at all times.

Transparent cost control Better managing and planning software-related expenses through a fixed monthly or annual fee. Updating or unexpected maintenance costs are eliminated.

Uncomplicated telephone support

As software maintenance customer, you access our hotline and support team at no extra cost.

You automatically comply with latest legal regulations Especially in the medical industry, it is essential to always comply with latest requirements of legal and various medical authorities. Our regular updates always include adjusting to latest requirements.

New software features and add-on modules Software owes its very existence to feedback from its many in field users. Numerous suggestions for improvement and new functions are integrated into new updates each year. These improvements are reflected in regular updates, keeping your workflow as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Subsequent enhancements to your software Our software is modular and customizable - even when your practice grows. Your system can be enhanced at any time with additional functions or workstations. For technical reasons, however, your system must be running the current version to support such enhancements.

Training and support through our hotline Taking into consideration all services such as hotline and training, we recommend keeping your software up to date. We and our partners can only guarantee the fullest support if you use the latest versions of the software.

Faster help and support through latest software versions

Software is made by humans and therefore also errors in software can not always be entirely ruled out. With each new version of the program known errors are documented and eliminated. Such minor updates can be installed at any time by means of remote maintenance, without anyone physically coming to you, as such guaranteeing minimal interference in your daily practice routine.